• Dan has the uncanny ability to tailor individual development plans to strategic organizational goals and is a proven leader and mentor.

    Javier Castro, PLM Software
  • Dan is very detailed and provided great insight into how our employees could become better managers and leaders.

    Shawn Hasley, Briggs Equipment - Tampa

What sets EDGE apart


Finding the right leadership development partner can be difficult. You want someone who has access to all the best organizational assessments and research, but also someone who understands your organization – your industry, your culture, your people.

At EDGE, we have partnerships with several industry-leading personality and leadership assessment partners, including DiSC® and Hogan. But what truly sets us apart is our process. To deliver the guidance and solutions that are right for your organization, we work with you on-site, experiencing in real time the interpersonal dynamics within your culture, your leadership styles and how your people work together.

With that deep understanding as a foundation, we can then develop a customized, end-to-end solution tailored to the specific needs of your organization. That’s the edge we provide our clients – meaningful insights that can come only from experts who are part of your team, committed to helping your organization grow its capabilities and effectiveness and thrive.


At the heart of all our client relationships are trust, transparency, and a deep understanding of what makes your organization uniquely successful. We are deliberate in our discovery, and we will come to learn more about you than anyone else. At every step we “tell it like it is,” ensuring you understand what we’re doing, why, and how it helps you maximize your organization’s performance.


Our first step starts with a conversation about your organization’s culture and leadership style, getting to the heart of what makes it unique. This process may take some time: To identify opportunities for leadership development and to provide maximum value, it’s critical that we forge a strong relationship based on a deep understanding of your organization’s values, culture, and people.


During this stage we really get to you know and your organization through on‑site visits and interaction with key members of your team. Working “in the trenches” as part of your team, we collect information, review your current processes and documentation, and ultimately learn what’s really going on with your team and where the issues and inefficiencies lie.

Generate Solutions

We assess where you are now, discuss different approaches and define what success would look like. It’s important to note that we don’t come into this relationship prescribing ready-made, off-the-shelf solutions. We are resolution-neutral, letting our findings point to the solutions that make sense for your organization. And while training may be a part of what we recommend, we don’t train just to train. Our recommendations are all about improving performance — helping optimize your talent and your organization through enhanced leadership.


We review the results of our engagement, making sure all needs have been fully addressed and created processes that are effective and repeatable. We will look at any contributing factors that warrant further monitoring and discuss other potential areas where we can be of further assistance.

What makes our process so successful is that it’s personalized. As part of your team, we are able to deliver advice and outcomes that are uniquely tailored to your specific organization, so that even if you have a repeatable and scalable process, the insights and recommendations we provide are customized to you and only you.


​Change is inevitable, especially when it comes to business. Whether it’s new industry trends, new regulations or new ways of operating, one thing is sure: What got you here won’t get you there. Organizations looking to grow must be continually looking to adapt.

Promoting positive change in your organization requires thoughtful leadership. While we work with any organization, including many Non-Profit organizations, our expertise has been focused on the Manufacturing, Healthcare and Energy sectors.



Developing leaders can be crucial in the Manufacturing sector. Having the right people in leadership positions can make all the difference in maximizing plant efficiency, building better relationships with unions, and ensuring that quality standards are met.



For Healthcare leaders, providing quality care is only half the battle — they also have to maintain a culture that wants to provide that care. These leaders need to be skilled in not only creating efficiencies and reducing costs, but also in ensuring their staff are providing quality, empathetic care to their patients and their families.



Energy companies are more than just “drill and dig.” This industry has elevated levels of complexity, competition, consolidation, and rapid technological advancement, and their leaders have to be able to quickly adapt in periods of both boom and bust. Developing leaders who are creative, flexible, and efficient is a must.




The truth is, when it comes to leadership, what works at one organization might not work at another. Factors such as size, industry, location, culture, and especially business priorities make the requirements for successful leadership different for different organizations.

At EDGE, one of our most important functions is to make sure your leadership development strategies are in line with your business strategies. We look at what your organization is trying to accomplish, what specific leadership competencies are needed to achieve those goals and what succession strategies are in place.



No matter the size of your organization or what industry you’re in, having the right leaders in place is essential to your present and future success. But how do you identify potential leaders? What behaviors and experiences do you look for? What skills and knowledge do they need to succeed as leaders?

We specialize in getting to know your organization’s people, culture and leadership structure and can help you identify who your leaders of tomorrow could be and what skills they’ll need to have to reach their potential.



For an organization to operate at its best, its people, processes, priorities, and culture need to be in complete alignment. Understanding these factors and ensuring they’re working effectively require a wide range of tools, ranging from interpersonal (and intergenerational) communication to process evaluation to skill identification.

In addition to our world-class partnerships with leading training and consulting providers, we can custom-build assessments and evaluations to really get at the heart of how your organization operates. We can also facilitate training and evaluation sessions, helping you get past feedback that’s “what you want to hear” and really gets at the core of a given issue.





Dan Freschi

Dan Freschi | President

“You make a personal and conscious choice to lead.”

Dan has more than 15 years of experience in leadership, human resources, coaching, and employee/team development. With a contagious enthusiasm for change, he has devised, implemented, and monitored various manager and leadership development strategies. He has helped individuals, teams, and organizations across the country do more to achieve their potential.

Dan’s academic credentials include a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice – law from California State University Sacramento and a master’s degree in human relations – organizational leadership from the University of Oklahoma. He is working on completing his doctorate in organizational psychology. He has earned and maintained certification credentials from the Human Resources Certification Institute, the Society for Human Resources Management.  He also is an adjunct professor in the School of Business at Carroll University, teaching business fundamentals, leadership, management, organizational behavior, and human resources management to the next generation of leaders.

A decorated Operation Iraqi Freedom combat veteran, Dan is also a contributor to the Wisconsin community, a founding member of the Wisconsin Veteran’s Chamber of Commerce. He worked to develop young veteran leaders for career success in the workforce. Dan has also served as a member of the board of directors to Parents Plus, Inc., a statewide nonprofit organization working to build strong families through a focus on education.  Dan also runs a nonprofit baseball club in Waukesha called the Fox River Bandits.


Meica Hatters | Vice President – Partner

“I want leaders to feel understood and in turn to seek to understand the people on their teams. Understanding creates community and safety, and when people feel supported and safe they can do wonderful things.”

Meica is passionate about helping people contribute to their organizations and brings more than eight years of experience in human resources, talent management, and adult education to her leadership development clients. She has helped Manufacturing, Retail, Energy, and Healthcare organizations equip their employees for success through the development and integration of aligned training solutions and process evaluation and optimization.

Meica holds master’s degrees in administrative leadership and adult and continuing education from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and in human resource management and organizational leadership and change from National University, as well as a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. She is also a certified in Everything DiSC Workplace and Situational Leadership II. Meica has earned certifications from the Human Resources Certification Institute and the Society for Human Resource Management.

Meica serves as the Vice President of Membership for the Southeastern Wisconsin chapter of the Association for Talent Development and has presided over a major growth in membership and increased volunteer engagement. She is also a communications team member for the Milwaukee chapter of the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources.


EDGE has the experience and skills to help you develop your organization’s next generation of leaders and keep your business thriving. Let us show you how we can take you to the next level – contact us today!

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